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Introducing Loomy Night Light!!

Introducing Loomy Night Light!!

Hello everyone

It’s been eight years since we first launched Best Night Light on the Google Play Store.

Since then it has been launched on the Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store, and been downloaded over 1,000,000 times!

Today It’s my privilege to announce that we are renaming the app to Loomy Night Light.

Why change the name?

Last year Google announced new rules relating to the naming of Apps on it’s store. These new rules mean that we can no longer use the word Best in the name of our app 😞

Initially we were saddened by this news, because we feel we have a bond with our users, and in turn Best Night Light has built quite a reputation for being a quality app which can genuinely help you sleep better at night. There are plenty of reviews on all three stores which can attest to this.

But once the shock had worn off, we started to see the benefits of rebranding.

How did we choose the name Loomy Night Light?

We chose the name Loomy because it sounded like lumen, the Latin word for light. It’s short, snappy and fun. We also thought it sounded friendly and reliable.

What happens next?

We will get all three of the store versions of the app updated with the new branding in the next few months.

The current version of Best Night Light installed on your device now will be replaced automatically with the updated app when it is released (unless you have deactivated auto-updates)

So just carry on using the app like usual 🙂

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